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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Responsible Drinking is a solution

By Lindokuhle Mnisi

A man looking stressed with a bottle of alcohol.
(Picture: Block Status)
It is so unfortunate that an absolute stopping of people consuming alcohol is impossible. It remains a fact that people cannot be shifted away from alcohol, especially when they are so used to it and attached. No matter how much the general public, government or organizations (NGOs) try to curb the use and abuse of alcohol; people still continue to consume it anyways, beyond the limit.

Regardless of all the negative sides of drinking, all the accidents caused by drunken driving and all abuses fueled by drugs and alcohol, people still recognize the latter as a good thing. Many accidents reported about in the media usually occur because one or both the drivers were under the influence of alcohol.

Reference can be drawn from the “Jub Jub incident” where four school kids died and two were left critically injured. This happened in 2010 when Jub Jub caused an accident while racing with his friend on a public road UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS. From the “superstar” that he was, to a convict serving 27years in jail. Innocent people losses their lives because of people who abuse alcohol.

Families break down into particles and suffer because of the abuse of alcohol. South Africa has the highest number of orphans and one of the reason this is the case is because of alcoholic parents who failed to provide maximum care to their children. Children sleep with empty stomachs because their parents use the money to purchase alcohol. Crime is also stimulated by drugs and alcohol, not only in South Africa but across the world.

Man lying on bed with his head on the ground.
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All these mentioned issues highlight the dangers of alcohol abuse. Therefore, coming to realize that people cannot be stopped from drinking, they should be advised about RESPONSIBLE DRINKING. For every problem there should be a solution. It takes a real man to take responsibility of his family and give them care without compromising. Another person’s entertainment should never be sorrow to the next person. When a person drinks, it should remain with that individual and should never affect other people. Responsible drinking is encouraged.

IF you drink, ensure that you do it responsibly without infringing other people’s rights while trying to enjoy yours. While engaging on alcohol, remember your responsibilities at home or whatever responsibilities you have. Drink in the comfort of your home to avoid getting hurt and possibly killed. Drink responsible and remember that alcohol is not for persons under the age of 18. Alcohol is not for pregnant women. Respect yourself before going to the extent of respecting others. Love your life, and live your life. Alcohol is not an option.

NB: Lindokuhle Mnisi (me) was raised by a single parent (mother). My parents separated in the year 2000 when my mother decided that ‘enough is enough’ with the abuse. My father was a drunkard and an abusive father who use to come home at about 2am and demand food he never bought. He is still a drunkard, just not part of our lives. (I have forgiven him for everything thought)

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