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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chaos as TUT Students & Guards Get Into Physical Fight

Anorth Mabunda, Sthembiso Sithole & Lindokuhle Mnisi
@AnorthMabunda, @sitholesthe &LindokuhleMnisi

The Soshanguve North campus of the Tshwane University of Technology is under police watch after students clashed with the security officers on Monday night. Chaos broke out when an officer working for security services provider, Triotic, allegedly assaulted a student who was drunk for not producing a student card at the gate. 
After the slapping of the student other students then attacked the estimated 30 security officers
“The student was drunk and didn’t have a student card. The officers then refused to let him entry to the university premises. The students tried to enter forcefully, prompting the officers to slap and throttle him until he falls down,” said a student who was at the and did not want to be identified. 

The students then went on a rampage vandalising two Triotic control rooms, smashing doors, light bulbs and windows with heavy stones and bricks. They also broke the boom gate at the entrance and forced their way into the control room, stealing radio batteries to block communication lines between security officers. Most guards then fled the campus.

One officer trapped inside was allegedly assaulted by the students.

Fearing they will be victimised as well; officers guarding the dormitories and other buildings inside the campus changed their black, white and orange uniforms so that the angry students wouldn’t identify them.

Two police Nyalas with heavily armed policemen were deployed at the scene. The Public Order Police drove inside the campus with their nyalas to rescue about five officers who were still hiding inside the residences. The armoured vehicles were hurled with stones by a mob of students, forcing the law enforcers to fire rubber bullets to scary the students.
One student was shot by the police in the hand and bled profusely. He was treated at the scene and later rushed to the hospital by ER24 paramedics. The paramedics didn’t respond to TUT Life’s questions.
Out-going campus president Ngwato Maila told the students that “no one will be harassed by anybody.”
“We are not going to be intimidated by anything. Let us listen to what the police are telling us. For those who want to sleep they should. We are not going to leave this case without solving it. Early in the morning will deal with the matter (sic).”

Triotic Site Manager, Mr. Jeffery Mandanda said, “no comment for the media” when asked about the riots. He told his staff that they should report to work tomorrow (Tuesday). Mandanda only mentioned that the cost of repairing the damage is approximately R20 000. Windows, doors, boom gates and other goods were missing. “Currently there won’t be any arrests because no one wants to come forwarded with the information about the suspects who damaged the premises,” said Captain Sello Mohale of the Public Order Policing in Pretoria.
A student who didn’t want to be identified because she is well-known in the campus and fears to be victimised said, “These students are ill-mannered and lack discipline. We need these security officers. We should all respect the security officers and treat them as our parents.
It is a known fact that any student entering the premises must produce the student card. The officers were acted lawfully by prohibiting the student from entering the campus because he did not have a student card,” she said.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Whatever the Agenda, Malema's Cause is Relevant

Lindokuhle Mnisi

Throughout 2011 the leader of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), Julius Malema, has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons in South Africa’s media industry and the reporting on him has been pretty negative. Event he views by some intellectuals have not been flattering ones and some of those who often comment on him think he desperately seeks media attention and wants to be seen as a champion for the poor when South Africa’s history books are re-written in future. He is also undergoing a disciplinary hearing at the ANC and there are those who think he clashes with leadership, especially President Jacob Zuma.

But lately Malema has impressed me much. He has been criticised for bringing the topic of nationalisation to South Africa’s many discussion tables. He may not be the right person to talk about this, but someone had to as millions of South Africans live in dire poverty while a small minority enjoys the wealth that comes from resources such as platinum, gold and diamonds that our beautiful nation has.

His latest idea which came to fruition on Thursday, 27 October 2011, was criticised by some commentators, journalists and some in social media. Even at it was starting some were predicting many of those who were there at the beginning would not make it all the way to Pretoria from Johannesburg. But they did make it and the critics never apologised or admitted their predictions were false. It’s estimated that those who joined the young Malema on his economic freedom march were estimated at over 10 000.

Along the way there were two stops – one at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and another at the Chamber of Mines before proceeding to protest on the Union Buildings in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria. The 60km walk couldn’t have been easy and many picked on Malema’s physique predicting it was the result he wouldn’t make it far. One or two fell along the way, but that didn’t stop the other thousands from continuing.

The importance of this march was shared by many on twitter while critics continued to make fun of it. I am one of the supporters of such initiatives – it may not bear fruit tomorrow or the day after, but it will make many notice that young, unemployed South Africans have a voice too and they also want to share in the economy and the growth of Africa’s richest nation.

South African Prisoners' Organisation for Human Rights president, Golden Miles Bhudu, was there too saying: "We want economic freedom in our lifetime. When the intellectuals and rich are sitting in their boardrooms, they must know that we mean business.”

Julius Malema has brilliant ideas but he lacks strategies and skills to implement these ideas. He knows what is right and what is beneficial to the youth, he just can’t articulate this in a manner that is acceptable to those who speak English through their noses and received a better kind of education they could afford to pay thousands for. He says things as they are, he doesn’t have any hidden agenda.

Maybe many are uncomfortable with the fact that he is never politically correct, but politically correctness would mean bowing down to certain individuals and not realising your dreams and ideas.

This march is not against the ANC and President Zuma. It is about the youth living in hunger and seeking economic freedom. After all the effort he puts on a struggle against economic freedom. These people would normally be ignored and at least someone is giving them some kind of voice. If there is a hidden agenda, at least there is a bigger struggle being fought for hiding that agenda.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mr&Miss S.C.O, The Ayobaness Event

By Lindokuhle Mnisi

The student centre hall of the Tshwane University of Technology’s Soshanguve South campus was loaded by more than 300 enthusiastic audiences who attended the Miss&Mr Student Christian Organization (Miss&Mr S.C.O) that occurred on Saturday night, 15 October.

The event normally happens yearly during October, was referred to as one of the best they’ve ever had since the organization was formed. Former Miss S.C.O, Tsakane Ngobeni ensured the success of the event as she acted as a background organiser and she was the one training the contestants. “I had to have patience. Working with people is never easy, but I had to persevere for the love of it and for the love of the organization,” said Ngobeni.

Contestants went on stage with confidence from the 1st round to the 3rd with no destructions. One of the judges went on stage to announce what judgements were based on. “We were looking for eye contact, movement, confidence, pose, presentation, style and the way they (contestants) understood and responded to the questions,” said Mpumelelo Nkosi, Mr S.C.O 2006/2007. Eliminations were performed and left 5girls and 5guys competing for the king and queen position.

Sibongiseni Abram Gentsu (known as “The Black Guy with a chinese surname” who present “The Network” 19:00pm-21:00pm, Mondays to Thursdays on TUT-FM was a vibrant and energetic MC who made everyone laugh and enjoy from the beginning until the end of the show.

The crowd jumped and screamed with excitement when Gladness Maoto took the belt and became the new Miss S.C.O 2011 and Confidence Mokumbila to the position of new Mr S.C.O 2011. “I feel very great, there was a bit of a competition but I managed to do it, all by being myself,” said Mokumbila.

Audiences carried plarcards and they were screaming and dancing as they way of showing support to some contestants. One of the cards was written “LOL, LIMPOPO ROCKS”. “The show was nice and fantastic. I encourage the winners to continue to praise God as the leader of their lives,” said Loveness Zulu, an Audience who was full of excitement after the event.

With the form of entertainment, no-one would tell that S.C.O is church based. It is a Multicultural Socio Politico and Christi-centric Organization with its slogan that says: Seeks to serve Christ by developing opportunities for students to be transformed by him to be effective leaders of today’s world.

Performers that placed the stage on fire included 1-NOT, Dark Force Cliq and Hellafresh. Another similar event will occur probably next year October.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rural Activists Organization (R.A.O)

By Lindokuhle Dr Dream Mnisi

Rural Activists Organization (R.A.O) representation picture. Voices of the rural people.

AIM: To achieve a fair balance of living conditions among all South Africans.

MISSION: To express the views, grievances and sentiments of the rural people by giving them the pltform to directly speak to their Government.

VISSION: To see change, balance, fairness, and equality between the rural areas and other states in South Africa.




This is an organization formed to cater for all rural people and villagers. This is where rural people express their sentiments and grievances about how it affect them and hurts to be left behind and abandoned (by the Government). This organization also serves as a platform for all rural people to speak out publicly about the imbalances, unfairness and inequalities of law and poor living conditions within the rural areas.

This group serves as a new chapter for villagers to start stretching their minds and think innovatively about what is good for them. This will help every villagers to be informed about all the necessities of life they are suppose to receive form thier government. Therefore this initiative acts as an informatory tool that will ensure that people are well informed about their South Africa.

The Government have forgotten about the people living in rural areas, informal settlement and villages. Corruption replicate itself within the state government and in the higher offices. No one goes back to the rural parts of South Africa to provide information and clarity about whatever is happening, but people are affected by some sort of laws and policies taken by the state. People do not know about ANC, DA, PAC, COPE or IFP until comes the election times. When all the promises are being made, that is when and where our people know about these above political parties. When it's time to implement all those promises, we only hear of corruption.

That is where and when the Rural Activists Organization (R.A.O) comes in to begin to say, we want clarity and better life for all. You cannot keep us there and forget about how we make a living. That is when we begin to spread our views and act to meet up with our government. There is no age restriction in this organization because even teenagers are facing the problem of being abandoned. service delivery in rurals is the poorest of them all.Reporting.

In the rural areas you hardly find journalists and reporters who comes to monitor the situation. Journalists do not know what is happening in the rural areas because no body want to work in a filthy place like rural villages, therefore that is when R.A.O comes in to go direct to the officials and government and say "We want to see change in villages. You want to silence the media? for what? so that we can continue to be oppressed and neglected in the villages"? A group on facebook will ensure to mobilise a number of villagers around SA who will post updates about what is happening in their rural places, and we will tackle that issue until Government takes action.

We strive for equality and fairness for all.!/groups/206847562719121/

Regards management

Lindokuhle Mnisi (Founder and Chairperson)

Monday, September 19, 2011

HAHAHA Crazy Video!!! (Things we do in varsity)

By Lindokuhle Dr Dream Mnisi

This video was shot by my classmate. His name is Sibusiso Banda. Dream was just excited after watching Zone14. hahahaha....

Thursday, September 15, 2011


By Lindokuhle Dr-Dream Mnisi

Nosipho and Rebecca posing with their achievement awards
The “jean-day” was the name given to the first Friday of September at DC Marivate Secondary School where pupils wore jean clothes and participated in various activities organized by the school for enjoyment and fund-raising purposes.
Number of activities including parading, singing, jokes and dancing took place but the main theme of the event was the Miss and Mr. Jean (involving fashion show) which is the only category that offered prizes (educational prizes).
The event started at 10:00am and ended at 14:30pm. Learners were out in numbers to support their peers as they show case their talents. While the girls were showing off with their sexy bodies and doing great moves, the guys were showing off with money and clothes. One of the most hilarious and flabbergasting moments was when the boys got on to the field and started playing around with money, putting it in a full glass of cold drink and washing their hands and faces with drinks.
The Miss & Mr. Jean got more exciting towards the end when winners got their prizes. Lots of exhilaration which went hand in hand with tears of joy emerged resulting on various participants not being able to comment on the question asked by DR DREAM SAYS. “I entered modeling competitions for three times but never won, this is my first award. It comes after the lot of effort, confidence and believing in me,” said a crying Nosipho Shabangu (13) who got the 1st position.
“If it wasn’t for my friends, Zanele Msiza, Nok’thula Mahlangu, Ntando Chauke and all my class mates, I wouldn’t have done it. All thanks to mam Molele,” added Shabangu.

The gentlemen who were completing for the first "Mr." position

The judges were fair and happy with the progress of the event. “We are happy with the outcome. The ladies showed a lot of effort and were looking stunning, thanks to their choreographers for such great work,” said Nozipho Mdlalose who was one of the judges.

The school succeeded with the purpose of the event which was to raise funds while celebrating the first week of September. “We were targeting an amount of R5000 on this day. Each learner contributed R10. We still haven’t counted how much we’ve risen but it’s very convincing,” said Mrs. BH Molaodi, event organizer.
“We come up with a number of projects for the school. Our intention is to have TVs in all the classes for subjects that require technological equipment. Another thing is that we want to erect benches for learners to seat on during lunch time,” added Molaodi.
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