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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Young, Successful and still moving forward

By Lindokuhle Mnisi
Marcia Lebambo presenting a show on TUT-FM.
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Her fruitful rewards of hard work started flowing after she acquired her first job as a residence manager of TCE1, at the Tshwane University of Technology’s Soshanguve North Campus in 2008. Later on the same year she won an award for “Best Res Manager of the year”. Determination, persistence, hard work and passion have made Marcia Lebambo the person that she is today.
Lebambo has always committed herself to education for bettering her life. After having completed her Grade 12 in 2004 she already possesses more than four qualifications from different institutions including TUT. She acquired her B-Tech in Strategic Management in 2009. Her aim was to obtain as many qualifications as possible, that is why in 2011 she registered at TUT for masters in Entrepreneurship (she is completing this year.) Other qualifications that she possesses includes: National Diploma in Administration Management, B-Tech in Public Management and a Certificate in Business Communication obtained from the University of South Africa (UNISA).
“Education changed my life and my family’s lives. The only thing that could change the poverty situation back at home was through education. I wanted to use every opportunity I get to study and become a better person for myself and my country. So I wanted to learn as much as I can and broaden my knowledge as you can see my qualifications are broad, from Business to public management and to communications,” Lebambo said, answering why she did so many qualifications.
Within the TUT premises, Lebambo is not just an academic but she’s also a practical person who is hands-on and doing a great job in everything she touches. She is the editor of a TUT-Residence newsletter and works on TUT-FM community radio.  “The newsletter’s aim is to stay in touch with our residence students and provide a platform for them to voice out their grievances so that we can ensure proper service delivery for them,” Lebambo said.
“Most importantly it (newsletter) provides a platform for journalism students to write stories to improve their journalistic skills,” she added.
On Radio she is a presenter of a current affairs show, titled ‘Live@6 (Tuesdays – Thursday from 18:00-19:00pm.) Lebambo said TUT-FM is her space where she is “able to touch thousands of people’s lives all at once.” She presents news to the people even though this is not in line with what she has studied for.
Marcia Lebambo rejoicing next to her first car.
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“I always loved radio. Its role to inform the public boost my passion for it… As a TUT alumni and employee, I wanted to play my part in informing communities especially the youth about issues that affect us, hence I chose a current affairs show,” said Lebambo.
Lebambo is also participating in various projects outside her profession. She enrolled to Oncue communications academy which is a radio course offered by distinguished radio personalities. She also recently registered her Tourism business (Guest House) in Bushbuckridge. She said her “aim is to grow the business and employ young people and contribute positively to the country’s economic development.
“My short-term goal is to complete my masters and enroll for my Doctorate,” she added.