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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Successful Freedom Day Celebration

By: Lindokuhle Mnisi

Deputy Pres. Kgalema Motlenthe, Pres. Joyce Banda and Pres. Jacob Zuma

The 18th Freedom Day celebration was held successfully at the Union Buildings, in Pretoria, where the president of the SA Republic,Mr. Jacob Zuma, and other distinguished guests gathered on Friday.
Among those who attended the event was Malawian (interim) president Joyce Banda. From South Africa was Deputy President, Kgalema Motlanthe, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, deputy speaker of the National Assemby, Ms Noma India Mfekelo, Deputy Chairperson of the NCOP, Ms Thandi Memela, Minister of Art and Culture, Mr Paul Mashatile, the Mayor of Tshwane, Mr Kgosientso Ramakgopa and other ministers, deputy ministers and MECs.
President Zuma delivered a speech which guaranteed progress of unity, freedom, democracy, non-racial and non-sexism in South Africa since 1994 to 2012. This year’s Freedom Day theme is “Working together to Build Unity and Prosperity” and Zuma said “It takes into account our strong focus on boosting inclusive growth and prosperity. It also underscores the focus on heritage and the celebration of unity through celebrating the heroes of our struggle for freedom, to whom we owe so much”
Zuma honoured freedom fighters and heroes (black and white, and women) who have made it possible for South Africans to defeat the apartheid regime and gain freedom for all. He referred and quoted variety of the past activists and freedom fighters, which includes Lillian Ngoyi, Chief Albert Luthuli, first black President of the Republic of South Africa Nelson Mandela, former ANC president OR Tambo, General Smuts, Braam Fischer, Father Trevor Huddlestone and Ruth First.
“We recall today that our freedom was gained through blood, sweat, and tears. It is through the blood of the people of Sharpville, Soweto, Langa, kwaMashu, kwa Zakhele, Mdantsane, and many other areas, that we gained our freedom and equality,” said Zuma.
The venue, where the event was held, was crowded with an estimated number of more than 10 000 people who clapped hands and screamed for excitement when a compliment was granted to the Constitution of South Africa.“Our Constitution is among the best in the world with equality clauses, which guarantees equality before the law, right to life, and human dignity, right to privacy, freedom religion, belief and opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of assembly, demonstration, picket and petitions,” said Zuma.
According to the President, a lot has been achieved in the extension of basic services since 1994, in turning South Africa around, but much more still needs to be done. The past 18 months have seen substantial recovery. In 2011 alone, employment grew by a thousand jobs a day; investments climbed by 4%; and the GDP grew by just over 3%.

The proportion of population living below a R422 a month poverty line decreased from 50% in 1994 to 34.5% in 2009.
In education, school enrolments have drastically improved since 2003 and 8.8 million learners have been put on the nutrition programme. R8.2 billion have been allocated for school infrastructure.
In 1994, only 62% of households had access to running water, and the figure have risen to 94.5%. With regards to water infrastructure, forty-regional bulk projects will be completed by 2014, benefiting 3.2 million people.
In 1994, only 50% of households had access to decent sanitation, which has now risen to 82%.
By 2011, 75.8% of households had access to electricity, a huge improvement from 51% in 1994.
With his closing remarks, President Zuma made special reference to some of the ANC presidents who led the struggle for liberation over many years ago. “As a country we will honour the following former presidents of the ANC with National Orders Awards, Chief Albert Luthuli, Oliver Regionald Tambo, Sebe Moroka, A.B Xuma, Pixley ka Isaka Seme, Zac Mahabane, Josiah Gumede and Sefako Makgatho, for their outstanding role in ensuring that our country became a free and democratic society,” said Zuma.
Mayor of Tshwane, Kgosientso Ramakgopa saying the vote of thanks
The Mayor of Tshwane took to the podium to say the closing remarks(voice of thanks) to everybody who attended the celebration and thanking the three organs of state institutions (government, judiciary and the legislature). He said their presence is “…to confirm that indeed this is a national celebration”.
“Today marks the occasion of the celebration of the birth of democracy in this country and we find it appropriate that this celebration is taking place on the launce of the Union Buildings, the site of the birth of democracy,” says Kgosientso Ramakgopa.

“I will not let Haemophilia take over my life” says a Student

By: Lindokuhle Mnisi

To some it is embarrassing to publicly disclose one’s self health condition. The fear of being isolated, insulted, criticised and judged is the reason why many people find it difficult to speak out about their health status. But all that didn’t prohibit Paseka Menyau from speaking out about his haemophilia condition.

Menyau (22), a 2nd year journalism student, has been living with this rare disease (haemophilia) for his entire life. He encountered countless life threatening situation which resulted to him being hospitalized. “I was once in a life threatening situation in 2002 when I got involved in a gang attack. My head was hit with a stick and I had headache for two weeks. I got admitted in ICU but luckily they didn’t perform operation,” he said.

“I had a problem with my left knee. I was playing soccer and I got injured. It started swelling spontaneously. I would take my medication and after a certain time it would start swelling again,” he added.

Menyau joined the South African Haemophilia Foundation (Central Region) in 2011 and has been a vocal member since then. He has been addressing various organized meetings regarding this condition. On the 16th April he was interviewed on TV, 3Talk with Noeleen on SABC3, and on the 17th April (World Haemophilia Day) he was addressing people at the StiveBiko Academic Hospital. Other meetings that he is invited to address is in Polokwane Provincial Hospital and Dr George Mukhari Hospital in Ga-Rankuwa.

Around September he invited to visit America but details are still to be confirmed.

On TUT-FM (Live@6) he spoke about some of the challenges that haemophilia patients faces due to the lack of knowledge about the condition in townships. “People think if you have haemophilia you will die. People start treating you differently like you are really disabled and dying in 2days,” he said.
“Haemophilia may be dangerous but if you take your medication correctly you won’t suffer,” Menyau warns.

Many people doesn’t know what haemophilia is, this is the definition

An inheritable disease, usually affecting only males but transmitted by women to their male children, characterized by loss or impairment of the normal clotting ability of blood so that a minor wound may result in fatal bleeding.

Community Fun Day turns to chaos

By: LindokuhleMnisi
The suspect (Black T-Shirt) screems for being beaten by a crowd
An excessive and successfulCommunity Fun Day event, held at Soshanguve Block XX Shopping Complex, ended in a chaos when two victims were beaten by the crowd in a mob-justice manner for an attempted robbery.
The two victims who are between the ages of 19 and 23 years-old attempted to sweep-off an expensive hat from a person who was watching dancers competing in the event. The hat fell in the ground and was picked up bya friend of the suspect.

 After the event, the crowd started beating up the first suspect. He obtained scars and bruises. Blood was flowing all over his face and body. When he didn’t produce the hat the securities used a sprat gun to disperse the angry crowd and they rescued him to a safe place.
One of the people who were there explains how the fight has started…

Suspect (black T-Shirt) is beaten by the crowd

One of the security guards couldn’t confirm the reason behind the mob-justice and said as securities their job “is to protect everybody within this complex”. “We are not sure why they are beating him. We are having two sides of the story because some are saying he stole a hat and some says they are fighting for a girl,” said a security guard.

After few minutes another suspect (accomplice) emerged with the crowd beating him.He gave the owner the hat but they continued to beat him until securities rescued him as well. Both the suspects obtain serious injuries as they were beaten by everybody who felt like. They were both kept in the security guard’s safe place until the crowd dispersed. No arrests have been made.