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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


By Lindokuhle "Dr Dream" Mnisi

Yesterday I had a very controversial discussion with my friend about the importance the British Royal Wedding. And so I decided to write about it.
1. Publicly Broadcasted
SABC is a public broadcasting service not a so called private enterprise sponsored by alien countries. How can you fail to broadcast your own president's wedding and jump to broadcast things that doesn't concern you? A Royal Wedding of people we don't even know, we just saw them on our screens.
2. There's alot of hidden agenda within the SA media (SABC)
Don't we have our own products that could've been broadcasted on "our" SABC for that four hours wasted? After that you come and claim you are un-bias, fair and accurate. Aggah! Sies! America have taken control over the SA media.
3. Everybody don't wanna miss this Wedding
According to who? who said I want to see Prince William wearing like the security guards of the 1890s and the so called "21st century fairytale princess" Kate Middleton wearing a long dress looking the same with the one you get when walking in the streets of Jozi?
4. Keep things local
The was no need to broadcast that wedding in SA. We are Africans, we prefer watching African ceremonies with African outfit, ibheshu for instance, because it reflects our culture.
5. Wedding is not to be watched by men
What was a "man" suppose to watch a wedding for? Men wants to watch a soccer match, Kaizer Chiefs being beaten by Royal Baroke FC and claim to have potential of taking the league. Go Ajax Cape Town Go!
6. Bad influence to the SA women
Women in SA were intrigued about the wedding and were enthusiastic when watching it. Including gays of course. They all want to get married now. Who said men want to get married these days?
7. "It was news worthy"
I know the news slot. Couldn't you compress the whole thing into a short report like you did with Zuma's wedding?

I'm not gonna attempt pleasing anyone, I'll be precise. The SABC failed the South Africans by broadcasting the Royal Wedding.

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