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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life before colonization in South Africa

By Lindokuhle Mnisi

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Life before the 1800s used to be totally different from the one we are living today. Africa used to be a unique continent like any others in the entire world. Nobody depended on other people’s ideologies for transformation and better living conditions. Tribes had their own beliefs, culture, religions, and heritage. Africans knew where they belong and understood their standard of life.

Africans in the sub-Saharan, African, countries believed in ancestors and nature. They knew that when anyone of them got sick/ill they would go to the gardens and get some herbs. They depended on the natural creatures for health, food, etc. They would bow before their ancestors when they needed anything, be it luck, life, wealth, etc. Their dress code was unique and reflected their indigenous culture.

The arrival of the Whites (Europeans, Dutch, Russians, etc) in Africa (South Africa in this matter) changed everything completely. The ideologies they brought to the fore contributed to the abandonment and negligence of African’s indigenous cultures, norms, traditions beliefs and religions. One of the beliefs that came with colonizers is the white religion called ‘Christianity’. It is known and an undisputed fact that Africans believed in ancestors in the past and there was life, then whites came and made them believe that there is a God somewhere who holds, controls and guide human’s lives.

Today the same Christianity is divided because of contradictions and confusions. Those who introduced it to us persuaded us to stop believing in ancestors, saying they do not exist. Some churches still say Ancestors are there while others have completely abandoned that belief. A Bible was brought after Africans were taught how to read and write, it only existed in the Western countries before. Africans depended on their own harvest for a living.

Palliative treatments were used to convince the easy shaken Africans. Blaming the whites only would be a blunder. Africans have softened their hearts and followed everything new that was brought to them. None of them could see that these people came for certain benefits. Blacks can be associated with the word “followers”. It is easy for them to neglect anything indigenous to them and adopt the newly introduced things.

Arabs, in the North African countries, never abandoned what they believed in. They still believe in Allah (As their God) and Islamic religion. That religion has always been theirs forever. Hindus still believe in what they believed in, Jews never neglected their Jewish beliefs and Whites never gave up their Christianity but Africans (blacks) neglected their ancestral beliefs and continued the legacy of Christ.

I wish people would go back to the times of Shaka Zulu, and continue believing in what used to work for our fore fathers. Transformation shouldn’t affect our beliefs and leave us scattered in imperialists’ religions. Africa is for those who live in it...


  1. Lindokuhle you are glamourizing life in the times of Shaka Zulu. Before the arrival of the whites, people didnt have basic things like the wheel, alphabet, maize meal, cheese, clothes or iron. They lived in naked in the trees and spend their time looking for enough food to survive. Reasoning was guided by ignorance and superstitious beliefs.

    1. HAHAHA...In case u didn't do ur homework,the wheel was invented by the great Africans...there is nothing more superstitious than believing that a man named jesus died for everyone...That's a bullshit bedtime story i wont want my afrikan child to hear...

  2. enough said brother! Christianity is not for africans.why should i believe in some white folk born under shady circumstances to be the link to my creator???

    1. Actually jesus was probably middle eastern not white.

    2. You seem to think that Christ is the intercessor between people and God. This is not correct. In Christianity we talk about Trinity. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Christ himself is God who came to this earth in human flesh. Trinity means that the God Head consists of Three Beings: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

      And Christianity is not European. It did not start in Europe and does not belong to White people. The impression that you would like to create is wrong. Research more about the topic in order to broaden your mind. There are libraries and the internet where you can get any information that you require. Resolve to seek more information for yourself and compare that to what you already know that you probably heard from other people. Just validate that against what you read yourself and I promise you, you will get shocked.

    3. The Afrikan trinity is The Father,The Mother along with the child...There is no balance without a woman...hence religion suppresses women so much

  3. I think the writer of this article has relatively no idea of what he is writing about.
    Would you not leave an old and useless product if you find out there is a far better product which would totally change your life for the better?
    Christianity wasn't imposed on us , we have embraced it wholeheartedly.

  4. Christianity does not belong to the white people alone. It belongs to everybody. It is superior to every other belief and Jesus is just as real today as he was then. He died for everybody:s sins, white, black, indian, chinese. He changed this world and if it wasn't for Jesus there would still be slavery and no democracy, equal rights, human rights, technology, electricity and everything that make life easier today. It was because of what people saw in the bible that they fought against oppression, slavery even apartheid. It was Christian people that started the industrial revolution. They were the ones who started inventions. A Christian invented electricity, the telephone, the car etc. So before you want to tell me how wonderful things was before Christianity think again.

  5. There is a country in todays world that was untouched by colonism but it is very difficult to study them te get answers without disrupting theyre daily life

  6. I am more interested in what id refer to as important facts than the changes that took place during or after colonisation :

    1. what was south africa called before colonization
    2. who were our gods? eg Qamata. for the xhosa people
    3. how did our gods work for us ?
    4. what sicknesses were there? how they were cured ? etc

  7. North Africa was never Islamic, it too was converted. The whole entire continent is under attack. To weaken an African man is to make him worship foreign religions.

  8. Why did the whites come to south Africa? if they had technology,money,electricity etc.

  9. I don't have a problem with black people who are christians but they make me sick when they ridicule the African religion which they do a lot, they see it as a bunch of nonsense, in our communities to be a complete person you must be a christian, what is that people? My ancestral beliefs work for me so I do not see why I need to be a christian to be a complete being, again I don't have a problem with black people who are Christians, do your thing and let those of us who still believe in ancestors to do it in peace.

  10. Islam is the work of Jesus , continuation of his way..prophet Muhammad revived the same old jesus religion that jesus left....which was later altered by the priest for for their leadership and material crave...

    Real Jesus way was
    "Not to change cultures but to enhance them"

    Northern african regions enjoy their heritage through islam that did come to colonize them ...but enjoy divine benefits it brought to their culture..

    The wars in those countries is political n native cultural wars and not religious based..should islam not come it would be worse than what we hear today

    prophet Jesus's way being same way his brother prophet muhamad came to revive are an example to the European and africans

    Muslim pple still look like jesus ,this is God's way may it be preserved

  11. sorry Correction...3rd paragraph
    "Northern african regions enjoy their heritage through islam that *didnt* come to colonize them ..."

    Proud muslim from soweto,lizwe

    Masfundisaneni we still have a lot to share

  12. the bible says in the bigining God created ADAM AND EVE so if that so who is this 3rd person telling us this story becouse i bilive there shuld be someone who so God creating them and that person dicided to write it down and that begs a question that where did that person learn to write becouse there was no schools that time who tot people how to write

    the 10 comandments they were wretten in the big rock those people who so those 10 comandments who tought them how to read by that time h
    who told them how to write ????

    the bible says Jesus had a convisation with his father and the bible tells you what the convisation was saying and now the question is who was there?? listning to them???