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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Media (an introduction)

By Lindokuhle Mnisi

CHAPTER 1: Introduction to new media
The first chapter focuses on how the media and internet was established in the world, how it developed from one country to the other. The first sub-topic, “Why new media?” attempt to find the reason why is it still regarded as new media evenafter so many years of the establishment of media. An example used is that: any product that is manufactured or upgraded has a ‘new’ thing that is introduced.
Sub-section two, Internet History, explains what is referred to as internet. Internet refer both to technical and infrastructure of computers and other digital devices (e.g. servers, routers) permanently connected through high-speed telecommunication networks, and to the form of content, communication, and information sharing that occurs through these networks.
The last sub-section, the conduit and content, looks at how the development and popularization of the internet marked a high-water mark in the process of convergence.

CHAPTER 2: Twenty key new media concepts
The focus is on the new media concepts that include:
(1)  Collective intelligence
(2)  Convergence
(3)  Creative industries
(4)  Cyberspace
(5)  Digital capitalism
(6)  Digital copyright/Creative Commons
(7)  Digital divide
(8)  Globalization
(9)  Hype
(10)               Information overload
(11)               Interactivity
(12)               Knowledge economy
(13)               Networks
(14)               Participation
(15)               Remediation
(16)               Security and surveillance
(17)               Speed
(18)               Ubiquity
(19)               User-generated content/user-led innovation
(20)               Virtuality

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