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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Community Fun Day turns to chaos

By: LindokuhleMnisi
The suspect (Black T-Shirt) screems for being beaten by a crowd
An excessive and successfulCommunity Fun Day event, held at Soshanguve Block XX Shopping Complex, ended in a chaos when two victims were beaten by the crowd in a mob-justice manner for an attempted robbery.
The two victims who are between the ages of 19 and 23 years-old attempted to sweep-off an expensive hat from a person who was watching dancers competing in the event. The hat fell in the ground and was picked up bya friend of the suspect.

 After the event, the crowd started beating up the first suspect. He obtained scars and bruises. Blood was flowing all over his face and body. When he didn’t produce the hat the securities used a sprat gun to disperse the angry crowd and they rescued him to a safe place.
One of the people who were there explains how the fight has started…

Suspect (black T-Shirt) is beaten by the crowd

One of the security guards couldn’t confirm the reason behind the mob-justice and said as securities their job “is to protect everybody within this complex”. “We are not sure why they are beating him. We are having two sides of the story because some are saying he stole a hat and some says they are fighting for a girl,” said a security guard.

After few minutes another suspect (accomplice) emerged with the crowd beating him.He gave the owner the hat but they continued to beat him until securities rescued him as well. Both the suspects obtain serious injuries as they were beaten by everybody who felt like. They were both kept in the security guard’s safe place until the crowd dispersed. No arrests have been made.

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