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Thursday, May 19, 2011


By Lindokuhle “Dr Dream” Mnisi
It started so nice and lovely
slowly but surely
happily and enjoyably
appeared very lovely in people’s eyes
they all wished they had a relationship like ours
everything was so nice, sweet and smooth
that’s how it was when losing what I had

People were so thrilled by looking at us
walking elegantly slow on the street
calling us with beautiful names
the true lovers in the entire world
the best couple on earth and the universe
I choose to say that was caused by ignorance
no-one knew what we were discussing
that’s how it was when losing what I had

It started to be a distance relationship
getting in contact via messaging and calling
no-one mentioned anything about meeting
we kept on saying we love each other very much
no-one notice that the love was no longer there
until messaging, calling and meeting was no longer there
It was long enough when I decided to meet with her
she was not her usual self when she saw me
I received no answer when I asked “is the love still there”
I was not surprised, I turned back and left
I didn’t feel like crying or sad,
I just couldn’t understand nor believe it       
but today I am feeling the pain like never before
that’s how it was, when losing what I had!!!

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