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Friday, May 20, 2011

ANC Sosh Celebrating Despite Continuing Vote Counting

Lindokuhle Mnisi
A street oarty started in the township.
Motorbikes were spinning around, hooting and there was loads of singing as the African National Congress was celebrating victory despite voting not having been completed on Thursday.
ANC candidate Marobini Rosemary Ngobeni gathered her supporters at the Soshanguve to celebrate the winning of the party. “I didn’t sleep yesterday thinking what the results would be and today we are all here to celebrate and thank the people of Ward 33, 34, 35, 36 for voting ANC as their leading party. ANC wins, ANC protects the people,” Ngobeni said.

One of the supporters, Evelyn Maile, is only 5 and she was screaming: “VIVA ANC VIVA, VIVA COUNCILLOR VIVA”.

An approximately number of 10 000 people of ward 34 registered to vote and the ANC says about 8 000 of those voted for them. “There is no reason for us not to celebrate. In the six voting stations, of Ward 34, it was announced that ANC acquired approximately 8 000 votes in the 10 000 people who have registered,” said another supporter Linda Makhubo.

They believe that the Ngobeni’s decision to celebrate with the locals is a sign of great things to come.

“I am very happy that our new councilor is here to celebrate and share this great experience with us, it shows that she will be great leader for the people,” added Makhubo.

Supporter, Thandi Baloyi, says they are just waiting for the IEC to give them the accurate results but in the meantime they will continue to celebrate. “We are not scared. We know already that we won. What do you call the situation whereby the ANC gets 8000+ votes and parties like DA gets less than 100 votes? Are they a threat?”
Celebrating with kids.
The youth also formed a huge part of those celebrating.

“It’s about time we take over as a youth of South Africa. I recently joined ANC last month (April) and already I’m celebrating,” says Yvonne Botha.

“ANC [doesn’t] sleep, so today we’re not sleeping. Our grandparents couldn’t get a chance to sleep as they were fighting against oppression, so we [are] taking over where they left,” said Lizzy Masoma.

ANC supporters are planning to celebrate until Sunday when all the votes would have been tallied. They don’t seem to have any doubts about winning.

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