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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Hating?

By Lindokuhle “Dr Dream” Mnisi
I worked so hard to maintain my dignity
planning everyday to live a different life
loving, caring and not hurting
I chose not to do blunder
nor do bad things
I chose to live the life that many people
find it difficult to live
I tend to  create my own world
because everything about people is hating

Every morning I wake up with a big smile on my face
going out to meet many people
harmoniously sweet, cool, calm and collected on them
they will smile enjoying with big smiles showing their glossy teeth
they pretend to be amused while others are as pure as diamond
their outside view is a glitter
but deep inside there is a bundle of hate

Where did “hate” came from
is it also God’s creation
the bible says “a man was created from God’s image”
does that mean he also have full of hate in his face
why do we hate a person for every bad thing they make right
where is the sense of honesty and integrity

Why hating
we all live in one world
created by one God
sharing the same blood colour (Red)
either black, blue, indigo, lime or white skin we are the same
why is there have to be a so called “Xenophobia”
we are all human, brothers, sister from different same wombs
who is suppose to tell another where to live and where not to live
where to work and where not to work
why do you let an innocent soul suffer for your selfishness

Hatred is a demon
a demon that strike a heart to make it loose its Godly value
a demon that is against humanity
you are born innocently but who introduce the hatred in you
learn to forgive,  not for their benefit but for your own benefit
this is life, if you are on your own then you are dead
live with people, for people by people
hatred is a curse

God let the tsunami come back and wash our hearts and soul
to wash away the hates and darkness in our hearts

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  1. Great inspiration to our lost Generation my bru... Hope whoever is going to read this will strive to make a difference and put a smile at least on one person's face per day 'coz i'ts true that if you think you can satisfy everyone then you're a fool. So do what you do, Do it best!!!!