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Thursday, April 28, 2011


By Lindokuhle “Dr Dream” Mnisi
A Game Quest member, Nicklass, ran away before performing for a Brewery promotion at the Zamokuhle Tavern “Ka Lips” on Friday.
The hip hop group was invited by the organizers to perform at the organized Brewery promotion as part of entertainment in the event. Nicklass said they were kept in the kitchen for a long time while they were supposed to be on stage performing. “We were kept in the waiting room for a long time with the reason “not to be seen”, I lost my temper and went away,” said Nicklass.
The group has always had its internal issues which makes it hard and impossible for them, members, to persuade each other on one thing. The whole group watched Nicklass as he was leaving and they didn’t say a word to him. “They were watching me as I was leaving the scene, the organizers rather kill me I don’t care,” said the arrogant Nicklass.
“I ran away in the middle of the performance, I was so angry that… I don’t care about it. F**k the world, who f**ken care about the promotion anyway. You get sales and I get clutch b**tch. Hala no way you see my grumpy ass in the vinyl track,” added Nicklass in a mxit status.
During the interview, with Nicklass, another source from the event was giving details over a phone. “Everything is going smoothly, we enjoying ourselves with our favorite  local hip hop group but only one member is not on stage, some-one among the group members covered his verse,” said the source.
He commented on that report by saying he doesn’t think that Sweggar (First lady of the group) is at the event because her mother doesn’t allow her going at night.
At the end of the event they were supposed to get free T-Shirts and Nike Sneakers but Nicklass said he doesn’t care about all those. “They can keep them,” he said.
Major CYA, a member of the group, couldn’t comment much about the event because he was too drunk that he couldn’t lift his little finger. He does not know what happened. “GOD my savior, my king’… I am drunk like hell… Sh**t… I enjoyed day at last,” he said on his mxit status. The group is expected to perform again tomorrow at Killowatt in Slovo.

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