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Monday, February 7, 2011



My name is Lindokuhle Sydwell Mnisi, names I was given by my parents during birth. They had a purpose of why they chose to call me with those names. Lindokuhle means (in Zulu) AWAIT THE
BEST. That gives me the impression that they are awaiting the best out of me. According to my Oxford dictionary there's nothing like a "Sydwell". No offence but I don't know what they meant by that name. That's the reason why I choose to call my self and to be called DR DREAM because that name to me it has a meaning and clearly understandable. My surname is Mnisi from my father of cause.

My Background

I was born 19 years ago (1991-12-08) in a certain village called Dundonald in Mpumalanga. I attended my primary and secondary schools there till I finish my Grade 12 in 2009. Living in a village has turned me to be the person that I am today. Growing without my father (he's still alive) has contributed in creating the person I am today. I am a hard worker, ambitious & goal driven. Thanks to Ma Khumalo (my Mother) for raising me and my two big brothers as a single parent. Thanks to God for keeping her alive all this long, she's still taking care of us alone, she never complains about that. She's still behind me in all the way of my life journey (I LOVE HER)


My dream

People who know me, my fans, friends and family call me Dr Dream. This name came after I had a best friend who understood me and noticed a lot of things about me. He's actually the person who gave me the name Dr Dream which I am using even today for my music and everything I do for the public interest. The passion for TV and Radio began a long time ago when I did an introspection of my self I realized that I have strong desire for media. I chose Journalism because I've noticed matching figures of journo in me. In summary I love current news & gossips. Most importantly I love being on the spotlight, being famous, popular & known. Call me the "intellectual" if you know what I mean.

My vision and goals

As a journo student I want to see my self having a degree in 4years to come. In future I want to see my self as a prosperous, powerful and respected journo in the whole world. I want to see my self having my own TV & Radio program beneficial to the world. I also want to show my versatility to the rest of the world by continuing doing music as it is one of my priority. As for the youth of the African continent, I want to continue empowering them as we are one.

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