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Monday, October 15, 2012

Many people see a joke where there is abuse.

By: Lindokuhle Mnisi

Joke or Child abuse?: A picture of a child hanged on
 a washing line circulates on the social networking sites

A gruesome picture showing a helpless child hanged on a hanging-line has been circulating on the social networking sites with most people posting it with a caption that reads “When a nanny is fed up”.

The picture first appeared on BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) site with many users placing it as their profile picture before it went to one of the most popular social site, Facebook. In a period of 10 minutes, many facebook users have shared the picture and shared their comments about it.

This picture shows an African baby boy wearing a light-blue gown, hanged under a tree using packs on the line at the back of a house. The boy who appears to be at least 10 Months-old looks vulnerable and helpless. His arms are bent to the back in a manner that shows that he is probably in pain and his arms are breaking.

The caption of the picture “When a nanny is fed up” on facebook attracted a lot of comments with people expressing their views about Nannies. “Love it…so glad I am done with nannies,” wrote Lulu Gwagwa commenting on the picture posted by former Rekord NOWETO editor, Sinenhlanhla Mkhwanazi. Most of the people who commented on the picture were of the same race as the abused child but mostly started their comments by either saying “LOL” (laughing out loud) or “haha” (meaning laughter.)

Even though some people were happy to see such a picture, some were not pleased by the nature of it. Ramaupi Arnold Makgoo wrote: “wa tseba gen ka bona motho a beile ngwana ka tsela ye ketla mo direla BOTHATA,” (translating: If I can see a person having placed a child in this manner, I would create problems for that person (sic)). Tlaki Flo Baloyi wrote: “Aowa bathing mara, selonyana sa Modimo” (translates: Oh no people though, such a small thing of God (sic))

The picture hasn’t been reported to the child abuse courts yet.

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