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Monday, August 6, 2012

Hit back!!!

The Hit Back cartoon.

About the cartoon
This cartoon (Hit Back) is a critique to all the people who fail to see the good side of the ANC president, Jacob Zuma. Most of those people are the white “monopoly capital” as the ANCYL normally call them. On the left hand side there are a bunch of them singing “a dick” when Zuma ask what they see when they look at him. On the bottom of the cartoon (left) it is Brett Murrey, the white guy who reworked a beautiful painting and messed it up by exposing the genitals of the man he referred to as Jacob Zuma (calling it The Spear). Murrey is laughing when his fellow white men says they see a dick on Zuma. Next to him it’s another cartoonist that I like and respect very much, Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro). Zapiro’s latest cartoon, published on the Mail&Guardian newspaper, was swearing and insulting the president, calling him “a dick” (he shouts “can’t you see?). All these people forget one important fact, that they are all colonialists who came from the west. They come here to insult our leaders for the purpose of making an income. They are all foreigners in this country, extreme racist and selfish white minority.
#I’m not racist, it’s a “Hit Back” cartoon. We call it satire in “their” language.
Who is being satirised?
On this cartoon white people are being satirised. Brett Murray and Zapiro are also among those labelled as foreigners.
The story behind the cartoon
This cartoon comes after the recent Zapiro’s satire (cartoon) that was published by the Mail & Guardian newspaper. On this cartoon, Zapiro, drew an erected penis and referred to it as Jacob Zuma. On the left hand side he sworn at Zuma and even called him a “Dick”. Zapiro was also taking over from where Brett Murray left. Murray, on his “Hail to the king” exhibition, he did a painting that exposed a man’s genitals. The man portrayed in the painting was Zuma. This cartoon then is the response to the people who see a “dick” on the president.

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