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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Normal school day during spring day

By Lindokuhle Dr Dream Mnisi

Miss Ntuli teaching Mathematics in grade8

Thousands of students and learners were expected to bank classes to celebrate the spring day on the 1st of September, but surprisingly this was not the case at the DC Marivate Secondary School, in Block H.

Learners remained calmly and attentively in their classes since morning till afternoon and programmes continued as normal as any other day. “Learning and teaching is the order of the day in our school, we don’t compromise, even other activities that are not planned in our school, we don’t entertain them. We stick to our mind and plan,” said Mr B.J Mangezi, the principal of the school.

The school is a government (public) school and it obeys the orders, rules and regulation made by the state government. “If we want to make a spring day event, we apply to the department of education. If they give us the permission, then we inform the parents, therefore we have a spring day,” added Mangezi.

Classes were packed with learners and their teachers giving lessons as usual. Quite a few number of learners were outside their classes, some at the playing ground, Mangezi explained that by saying “Those at the ground are with their Life Orientation (LO), some are practicing for the “Jean-Day” that will be happening tomorrow.”

Instead of celebrating the spring day today, they (DC Marivate S. School) will be having a Jean Day tomorrow. The event is aimed at raising funds for the school. “Learners will be all wearing jean clothes and will be participating in various activities organised by the school committee. Activities include Miss & Mr Jean, Parading, fashion show, jokes, singing, dancing and drama. There will be educational prices to be won,” said Mrs Molaodi, the event organiser.

Learners do not seem to have a problem with the conduct of the school during the spring day. “I love playing with water. I will attend all my classes, I will not bank school. After school that is when I will go with my friends to play with water,” said Nosipho Shabangu, a grade 8 learner.

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